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30+ Amazing Short Hairstyle Ideas for 2020


The length of your hair does not define your femininity and, least of all, your sense of fashion. In this day and age, when things are getting easier and simpler, why carry the weight of long hair? Don’t let the fear of looking bad to hold you back from trying on new hairstyles because that is what having short hair brings: new hairstyles! There is an unlimited amount of hairstyles you can own with short hair; here are a few of our absolute favorites.Full gallery at the end!!


#1 The Long Bob or “Lob”:

Bob cuts are the go-to haircuts this year and what better way to get comfortable with short hair than to let it loose straightened or slightly waved on your shoulders? Like pizza is to comfort food items, the long bob is to short hairstyles!


#2 The Bob:

The actual, authentic bob cut which saves the day, your summer and your life overall. It’s not too short and neither too long, just the right amount of hair for you to handle. You do not have to worry about tying your hair as it stays off the back of your neck, plus you can sweep it all the way to the right or left for thickness and structure.


#3 The Windswept Pixie:

Go all in with the courage that you mustered up to get a short haircut and become a pixie! Once you have done it, style like you don’t care and let the hot mess speak for itself!


#4 The Original Pixie Cut:

It’s a Lob but shorter and lets you feel more air than any other cut! Dye it a shiny silver or a bright blue and look even cooler with that devil-may-care attitude!


#5 The Cropped Cut:

When you have come to the point of being so brave as to do anything with your hair that you wish, why hold back from going all cropped? One need not be a man to feel the breeze go tension-free: tell that stylist to crop it up and make your morning hairdo routine easier!


#6 The Sharp Bob:

The sharp bob is an equal length bob cut that makes them look simpler and sleeker by being sharp on the edges and straight in its structure: to avoid waves and tresses is the moto.


#7 The Half Bob:

Once you have owned the bob, feel free to experiment with it. You can tie it and paint it however you want, you can even get half a bob and break the norms by exposing the roots on the other half of your head.


#8 The Tapered Cut:

Have the sides trimmed to the brim and curl up the leftover hair in the mid to get a voluminous look that is both bold and carefree at the same time!


By cutting your hair short, you are not only opening up to a plethora of possibilities to style your hair but also beating the sun and showing you are unafraid to take chances and make changes at the same time. So chop it and rock it!






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